The Day Mustang Sally Won My Soul

It was Sunday, October 30, 2011, the day most of my friends and family will say my life took a crazy turn. They say I became a groupie. I spent that weekend helping my brother-in-law who was promoting the Red Stick Bike Rally. For weeks I had heard about a great band from Nashville that he booked for the closing act.  He said they were known for their talent and ability to pull the crowd to the stage. He was right!

“The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by the Charlie Daniels Band has always been one those songs that makes me reach over and turn up the volume.

“…Fire on the mountain, run boys run, the devil’s in the house of the rising sun. Chicken in the bread pan picken’ at dough. Granny does your dig bite? No child no!…Devil just come on back if you ever want to try again cause I told you once, you son of a gun, I’m the best there’s ever been…”

Wow! The version I heard that Sunday was spectacular. I’d just seen the best fiddle player and lead guitarist I’d ever seen and it wasn’t The Charlie Daniel’s Band. It was Sarah Wilfong and Jake Taylor of the Mustang Sally Band. We all know the devil was looking for a soul to steal in that song, but this band just won mine. The crazy blonde lead singer with her awesome voice had already caught my attention. This band just seemed to pull me in the more I watched.  From the beginning I saw talent and the music was great, but they had something else – PIZAZZ! The crazy blonde (Tobi Lee) was spontaneously joking with and calling out the crowd with the abetting of the keyboard player (Rachel Soloman) and rhythm guitarist (Brenda Zitzman). I could barely see the drummer (Lisa Romeo), but she kept a steady beat while the crazy trio stopped singing to cut up. I wonder how many calories she burns during a set? Last, but not least, the bass player (Mandy Holbert) kept the band in rhythm with her distinctive and commanding posture.

Shortly after the rally I found the Mustang Sally Band’s web page and Facebook Page.  I saw a mention on the Facebook Page thanking the fans who saw the show at the Red Stick Rally.  I commented on that post and to my surprise, Tobi Lee thanked me back.   At the risk of being accused of stalking, I began following the band members on Twitter.  To my surprise, I was not only welcomed by them, but I found a great group of fan club members. I was really blown away last January when my wife and I traveled to Vicksburg, Ms to see a show.  One of the fans contacted us to let us know she would be saving us a table near the stage. That fan, who I will only refer to as the gal in the black hat, has become a great friend of ours.  As a further surprise and just to show you how much this band appreciates their fans, the members knew me when I met them after the show.  (This band makes a special effort to make themselves available for autographs and small talk after every show.) I still think they think I might be a stalker.

Since last October, I have seen the Mustang Sally Band 6 times.  This weekend we will see two more shows at the Isle Casino in Biloxi.  If you are looking for something to do, come join us for lots of fun and good music.  To say the least, they are very entertaining and crowd pleasing.  Tobi Lee has been quoted (accurately) as “about as calm as a twister in a trailer park”. Tobi’s voice along with the band’s music is as good as it gets, they will sweep you away. If you can’t make the show, check them out on YouTube, MustangSallyBand.com or go to Itunes and buy their album.

Here is a great example of the band involving the crowd.  As you can see Tobi Lee loves to include kids and even assists fans in making videos.

This one of their songs – Troublemaker

Below: Tobi Lee working the crowd at the Red Stick Rally.  I unknowingly caught my (not yet met) friend  and MSB big time fan in the black cap.


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