Creamy Blue Cheese Dip

I first made this recipe as a stuffing for grilled pork chops and chicken thighs. (These recipes will be added later) I was starving while I was cooking. I started dipping some Triscuit crackers in this to sample as I waited for it to cool. I discovered I had also created a good dip.

1 pack of lite cream cheese

2 packs of blue cheese

1 pack of frozen spinach chopped and drained

1 tbsp minced garlic

8 slices of bacon cooked and chopped (save grease)

½ cup sun dried tomatoes chopped

½ cup roasted red peppers

1 tsp crushed red pepper

3 teaspoons creole seasoning

In a saucepan add just enough bacon grease to cover bottom. Add garlic, crushed red pepper, bacon, sundried tomatoes, peppers. Once it heats to a simmer, add the spinach. Add ½ the creole seasoning. Once this has simmered add the cream cheese. Once that blends well with the spinach add the blue cheese. Taste and add rest of creole seasoning according to your taste. Can be spiced up by adding cayenne pepper. Of course you can always play with the seasoning by adding types to your taste.