About Mike

Welcome to my kitchen and garden blog, a place where I can ramble about my two favorite hobbies. I suppose these are the right hobbies because for the last 30 years I have worked in a profession that deals with so much ugliness and distaste.  Many of my Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers have seen my “What’s for dinner you wonder” or “Today’s gift from our backyard” and asked for recipes or gardening advice.  I use this blog to pass on recipes, gardening tips or just ramble about whatever.

Living in South Louisiana, I naturally favor Creole and Cajun recipes, but also like to cook Italian dishes, as well as, just about any type of barbecue. I have not always been a Cajun.  I was raised in the Redneck part of the state (North Louisiana).  I married a Cajun girl who taught me the basics of South Louisiana cooking and I took it from there.

I also like to read books and enjoy listening to music.  Don’t be surprised if I sneak in a post related to books I have read or music.

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2 Comments on “About Mike”

  1. Wayne Zito says:

    Hello Mike. Food looks great !!!!

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